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WorldwideFirearms and Donald Ray Cresswell / NFA Consultant serve the firearms industry, military, law enforcement, defense contractors since 2005

Class 3 / NFA Paperwork Services
Helping Individuals, NFA Dealers/Manufacturers, Estates, Attorneys Law Enforcement, and others in better understanding the NFA process and in preparing and printing signature ready NFA forms
Bringing Buyers and Sellers Together
See photos and list of NFA firearms and silencers ready to transfer to Mississippi buyers - we will prepare necessary forms. Let us help you market and sell your NFA firearms to potential buyers throughout the United States.
Professional assistance to the firearms industry
Creating a nationwide dealer's network to help bring buyers and sellers together. Providing upcoming manufacturers with marketing and dealer / consumer relations services. Assisting law enforcement agencies in the disposal of surplus property and in meeting their future equipment needs.
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Donald Ray Cresswell
NFA Paperwork Specialist and Firearms Consultant

Help preparing and printing NFA paperwork. Answers about Class 3 Firearms, types of NFA firearms, ways NFA firearms may be owned, etc.

Previously licensed by ATF as an individual/sole proprietor NFA / Class 3 Firearms Dealer - Donald Ray Cresswell / WorldwideFirearms has years of experience buying / selling / transferring NFA items of all types (suppressors/silencers, machine guns, AOWs, SBRs, Short-barreled shotguns, Destructive Devices, etc.)

Donald Ray Cresswell has prepared and printed 1000's of NFA transfer forms for: Individuals, NFA Dealers, Firearm Manufacturers, Attorneys, Estates, Trusts, Law Enforcement Agencies, Military personnel, and others.


Current list and photos of Silencers and NFA Firearms ready to transfer to Mississippi Buyers  CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR NFA FOR SALE PAGE  

Estates, Collectors, Individuals - we can assist you in all aspects of buying and selling legal NFA firearms of all types.

Let Donald Ray Cresswell personally assist you with questions or needs related to the legal ownership, sale, and transfer of NFA firearms of all types.

Where have Donald Ray Cresswell and WorldwideFirearms been? What are future plans?
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Currently seeking new relationships with Licensed Firearms Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters, Wholesalers/Distributors, Dealers and other qualified entities as we seek better ways to serve Military, Law Enforcement, Wholesale, and Qualified Civilian Customers in the United States and abroad.

Offering NFA Paperwork Assistance and Consulting to NFA manufactures, NFA dealers, civilian customers, and others in the industry
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Current list and photos of Silencers and NFA Firearms ready to transfer to Mississippi Buyers  CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR NFA FOR SALE PAGE LET US HELP SELL YOUR NFA ITEMS

Coming Soon...
We are currently researching and looking into new firearms and specialty firearms products for the law enforcement, military, and wholesale firearms industry - watch for details here

New WorldwideFirearms Authorized Dealers Network
Coming soon - a list WorldwideFirearms Authorized Dealers in your area/state
If you are an FFL or FFL/SOT and would like to find out how you can benefit from partnering with WorldwideFirearms, please contact us at

In the past we were involved in the development and marketing of firearms and other products branded as WorldwideFirearms. We helped meet specialized and unique firearms needs of DOD contractors, law enforcement and government agencies. We also assisted firearms manufacturers, federally licensed firearms dealers, law enforcement and civilians with NFA paperwork. In the future we look forward to building upon that while doing much more through new global partnerships.

WorldwideFirearms International Incorporated

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Anniston, AL 36202

Donald Ray Cresswell, President

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